Who are we ?

  • The Companion Modelling: a posture

    Natures Sciences Sociétés 13, 165-168 (2005).  ©
    The Companion Modelling approach bases on a particular vision of the participatory practice of the modelling.
  • ComMod Network

    Logo ComMod.  ©
    The main purpose of The ComMod Network is to design, analyze, develop, and promote the scientific research and its applications, in the Companion Modelling, including its primary methods and tools, namely the Role-Playing Games, the multi-agents modeling, and the social simulation.
  • The members of ComMod Network

    ComMod Members. ©
    The former and current members of ComMod Association.
  • Discussion forum

    ComMod Discussion Forum. ©
    To exchange together!
  • Annual meeting

    Springschool on Companion Modelling & faciliation, March 2014, ETH Zurich. ©
    Organized for 2002 !
  • Videos

    ComMod Videos. ©
    Discover here all the videos of ComMod different actions:

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