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Last update: 7 June 2018

The main purpose of The ComMod Network is to design, analyze, develop, and promote the scientific research and its applications, in the Companion Modelling, including its primary methods and tools, namely the Role-Playing Games, the multi-agents modeling, and the social simulation.

If your personal vison is in accordance with the scientific posture expressed in the charter ComMod  (see also the text of 2013 ), and if you wish to get involved into the activities of the collective (organization of workshops, training sessions, writing articles and book chapters), join the association!

New membership

To join the ComMod Network, you only need to fill in the Membership form and then, to send it to the ComMod Office here  and joined a short introductory message:

  • To introduce yourself to all the members of the Association,
  • To explain your interests and briefly your thematics of research,
  • To describe the motivations to join the ComMod Association and  to get you according to the Charter  

This message will be followed up by the members of the ComMod Network e-forum  which you will be registered.

Your membership. will give you a private section access and will allow you to vote at the Association's Annual General Meeting. 

Membership renewal 

To the membership renewal at the ComMod Network, you only need to fill the Form and send it to ComMod Office.

ComMod Statuts

Statuts (application/pdf | 2017-02-13 | 151.18 Ko)

ComMod Office


Last update: 7 June 2018

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