CSIRO, Brisbane, Australie - juin 2009

Participatory Modelling of Human Ecosystems with Agents


Duration Topic of activity Kind of activity Speakers or facilitators
Day 1
90 mn Modelling socio-ecosystems : an introduction Lecture PP
30 mn Course Roadmap Lecture AD
30 mn Introducing the "Case-Study" approach Team work AD
180 mn Discovering Role-Playing Games: the " ReHab " game Role-Playing Game AD, CLP, PP
Day 2
90 mn Participatory modelling principles Lecture PP
90 mn SelfCormas : an example of participatory modelling project Lecture CLP
15 mn Selection of 2 "case studies" Team work AD
45 mn ARDI methodology Lecture CLP
45 mn ARDI for ReHab Exercise CLP
75 mn ARDI applied to case-studies Team work AD, CLP, PP
Day 3
60 mn UML formalism Lecture AD
30 mn UML applied to ReHab Exercise CLP
90 mn UML applied to case studies Team work AD,CLP,PP
60 mn Introduction to Cormas Demonstration AD
30 mn ReHab's implementation in Cormas Demonstration CLP
90 mn Prototyping the case studies with Cormas (classes) Exercise AD,CLP,PP
Day 4
90 mn Modelling Human Behavior Lecture PP
90 mn Role-Playing Games Lecture CLP
180 mn Implementation of case studies' prototypes Team work AD,JQ,PP
Day 5
90 mn Evaluating a participatory modelling process Lecture PP
90 mn Implementation of case studies' prototypes Team work AD,JQ,PP
60 mn Presentation of case studies' prototypes Demonstrations All
30 mn Implementing simulated strategies elicited from the ReHab game Lecture CLP
30 mn Feedback and " bring-home " messages Tutorial AD,JQ,PP

AD = Anne Dray (HEMA Consulting)
PP = Pascal Perez (CSIRO)
CLP = Christophe Le Page (CIRAD)

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