ComMod : The Companion Modelling approach

Agent-based models and the Role-Playing Games are tools of representation and simulation of socio-ecosystems functioning, which help to cross disciplines boundaries to tackle issues regarding decision processes between stakeholders and the collecive decision. This choice led us to formalise our relation to modelling within what we called a Companion Modelling approach.

At a time where we are increasingly turning to models and simulation to tackle the complexity and help the decision process, we wanted to specify the content of this approach, that is often considered as a scientific posture rather that a modelling handbook. The modelling process is nothing else than a intermediary model who facilitate ours collective and interdisciplinary decisions.

Companion Modelling. A Participatory Approach to Support Sustainable Development. ©

If you share the scientific posture expressed in the cherter published in english (in 2003) and french (in 2005) and if you are interested to get involved in the collective dynamic of the group, we invite you  to join ComMod Network. A shorter text  intended for a wider audience was also produced in 2013 in order to answer of a updating and popularization objective.

A collectif book entitled  « The Companion Modelling: A participatory approach supporting sustainable development »  was published by Springer Editions in 2014, funded by "The French National Research Agency" (ANR) program.

La modélisation d'accompagnement : partager des représentations, simuler des dynamiques. Etienne M. (Coordinateur). 2015.  FormaSciences, 5, INRA, Nantes, 151 p.  ©

Training courses of Summer School type are regularly organized, in France and abroad. From the training session of 2015, a book was published (only a french version):  Etienne M. (Coordinateur). 2015." La modélisation d’accompagnement : partager des représentations, simuler des dynamiques". FormaSciences, 5, INRA, Nantes, 151 p.

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